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Only after reading and accepting this Agreement shall users be entitled to download, install and/or use this software and all related services. The installation and use of the software by users will be deemed as acceptance of this Agreement including any of its amendments, as well as consent to be subject to the restrictions and obligations contained within this Agreement.

1. Intellectual Property

a.    This Software was developed by Zoekyu. All intellectual property rights of the Software, as well as all other information, including but not limited to literal expression and combinations, icons, illustrations, charts, colors, interface design, layout framework, data, printed materials and electronic documents, are the exclusive property of Zoekyu, and are subject to protections in accordance with the domestic and international laws and regulations, the International Copyright Treaty and other applicable laws and regulations (including Thai Copyright Act).

b.   Without Zoekyu's written consent, users shall not implement, use, transfer, or permit any third party to implement, use or transfer the intellectual property mentioned above for any purposes. Users agree not to conduct any acts that could in any way impair and/or damage Zoekyu's rights in connection with the intellectual property mentioned herein. Zoekyu reserves the right to seek accountability for such unauthorized acts, and users shall be liable for any and all damages, losses, costs and expenses Zoekyu incurs in connection with a user's violation of this clause 1.2 and/or any other clauses provided in this Agreement.

2. Scope of Software License

a.    Users may install, use, display and run this Software in a single terminal device solely for non-commercial purposes and in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Installation, use, display or operation of the Software for commercial purposes is forbidden. Users shall not copy, change, modify, decompile, disassemble, reverse-engineer, or mount-run the Software or data released to computer memory or interaction data between the client and server when running the Software, or create any derivation on such basis, including but not limited to access to the Software and related systems by means of plug-ins, add-ons or unauthorized third-party tools/services.

b.    Users shall at all-time not be permitted to engage in any of the following:
    ● without Zoekyu's express written consent, install the Software in other terminal devices not expressly permitted by Zoekyu. 

    ● install the Software in any piratical or illegal computer operating systems (such as Microsoft Windows).
   ● Reservation of Rights: All other rights not expressly authorized herein belong solely to Zoekyu.

3. License of Use

a.   Users are reminded that Zoekyu reserves the right to modify or discontinue the license of this Software at any time without prior notice, for any reason whatsoever. If necessary, Zoekyu will use reasonable efforts to publish such modification or discontinuation on a notice posted on Zoekyu's website.

b.    If a user violates this Agreement or the related Terms of Service, resulting in any claim, damage or loss to any third party, including attorney's fees, the user agrees to indemnify Zoekyu and hold Zoekyu harmless, as well as its Partners and affiliates, to protect them from any and all related damages. In this regard, Zoekyu has the right to, depending on the nature of the user's act, take measures including but not limited to discontinuing Software license, terminating provision of service, restricting use of the Software and/or taking any necessary legal or administrative actions.

c.    Use of this Software requires access to internet services, and as such, may be subject to disruption from a variety of factors, including force majeure, computer viruses, hacker attacks, system instability, user location, computer shutdown, illegal content, shielding of disturbing information, etc., as well as other causes including but not limited to network, technology, communication lines and information security management measures, which may lead to additional risks such as service interruption and breaks or failure to meet user's requirements. Users shall understand and bear the aforementioned risks whereas Zoekyu and its Partners shall assume no liability or responsibility whatsoever.

d.    Zoekyu and its Partners assume no responsibility for any economic losses caused to users due to communication line failures, technical problems, network problems, computer malfunctions, system instability and other uncontrollable causes.

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